Your Comments:

Alan L, Blackheath
9th September 2018
Love your program notes. Interesting, well informed but delightfully light in tone. GORGEOUS program, including the tragically dark and sombre Klein. Thank you!

Juliet R, Blackheath
9th September 2018
Lovely concert!

Bernard G, Blackheath
9th September 2018
Thank you – local music at affordable price.

Robert S, Blackheath
9th September 2018
Loved it.

Sally C, Annandale
16th September 2018
Fantastic concert!

Julie D, Annandale
16th September 2018
Thank you! A wonderful concert with very talented musicians. Look forward to many more concerts.

Ian G and Kris T, Annandale
16th September 2018
Thank you for, yet again, a wonderful concert.

Alan L, Blackheath
15 October 2017
Just home from a truly delightful concert here in Blackheath, mostly Mozart, with the three strings (Rachel, Valmai and Deborah), teaming beautifully with flautist James Fortune – such a talented musician, such pure, clear, sweet tone. A sparkling combination and sparkling program all round.
Three Piece Suite have got the format for these recitals absolutely spot on – an hour and a quarter with no interval and a selection of music perfect for a short afternoon program. We leave refreshed, satisfied and invigorated. (Tea and cake afterwards is a delight too – a great time to chat with the musicians, not to mention friends we don’t see as often as we would like!)
Thank you too for the interesting notes about the music and the composers - those that accompanied today’s program and those in your newsletter. Goodness knows where you find the time to write them, but please keep them coming; they enrich my enjoyment of the music and of the event itself.

Gerhard, Sunny Blackheath
20 November 2016
Dear very talented TPS ladies,
may I express my absolute delight about your recent "Short & Sweet" masterpiece CD. A beautifully performed choice of splendid short works. It makes my day every time I listen to it ! The best present I bought myself in a longtime
Thank you ?

Craig Giles of Strathfield
25 October 2015
Sitting on the train on the way home from the Blackheath concert. Wonderful repertoire, very diverse and delivered with energy and vigour. If you are in Sydney try to get to the Annandale concert, not one to be missed.

Irene Preston of Moruya
7 July 2015
Just a few lines to tell you how much I enjoyed the Three Piece Suite in Moruya recently.  It was the first concert I had attended and was beyond my expectations.  I paid particular attention to the players hands and facial expressions so you could say that I had a complete experience with the music. I look forward to their next concert in Moruya.

Phil of Batemans Bay
26 June 2015
It is really good to have live classical music in Eurobodalla.  Three Piece Suite were excellent.  As a bonus, the social gathering around an excellent afternoon tea was much appreciated too.
Sue Knight of Turlinjah
26 June 2015
This is a positively positive feedback! I cannot believe that we have such easy access to such an amazing and professional group, members of which are in high demand in places I would never be able to go! I love the laid back beginnings of their performances here – we just drive up, park just outside ,wander in and buy our tickets and whammo! We could be in Vienna (going there soon, this is what I imagine a concert there might be like, beautiful setting, world class musicians). And the “after” is laid back, too….. a cuppa and homemade goodies just like the Ladies Church Aid afternoon teas of my childhood! Plus access to those amazing musicians, who are all just so lovely. It’s the complete package.

Denise Hartman of Leura
22 June 2015
We've been to two Blackheath concerts, and have loved them - both for the quality of the performances and the variety of the programs.  If possible, we won't miss any future performances of TPS in the Mountains.
Also, as a cello enthusiast, I think that Deborah's playing is stunning.

Carolyn van Langenberg of Blackheath
19 June 2015
Blackheath is a town of pleasant surprises, one of which is the Three Piece Suite. For those of us who have chosen to live far from the inner west of Sydney, the privilege of listening to fine music played live close to home proves how sensible we were to move.

G. Hassler of Blackheath
4 June 2015
The Blackheath concert titled "Masterstrokes" was simply delightful including the World Premiere of "Divertissement for String Trio" by Gregory van der Struik.
So beautiful to be there, listening to the beautiful music with the last rays of sunshine of the day streaming in through the church windows on an icy sunday afternoon outside.
Thank you ladies

G. Hassler of Blackheath
15 April 2015
Another delightful performance with an interesting variety of composers. What a treat!
I enjoyed in particular to be enlightened by the story and music of Gideon Klein. He would be proud of your beautiful performance.
Thank you  Rachel , Valmai  and Deborah. I love your passion.
See you at the next concert !

P. Naughton  of Bodalla
10 March 2015
We all really loved the program, and the playing of course - the variety you manage to achieve each time is amazing, and it's enlightening to hear works/composers which are new to us. We enjoyed the Lawrence piece very much - well, it was all wonderful.

S. Rees of Hyams Beach
9 March 2015
Heart warming concert, novel range, beautifully performed: amazing skill allied to their enthusiasm and musicality ! -- a sort of enthusiasm in the musicality.

Dot Lewis of Rozelle
11 November 2014
Although I didn't know those particular pieces (except the encore), I marvelled at the dexterity of the performers, their obvious passion for their music, and their precision and ability to play so harmoniously without the leadership of a conductor. The intimacy of the venue meant we could listen and watch more easily than you could in a larger venue. I think it gave the audience and artists a definite but intangible rapport.
After the performance, I had a bit of a chat with Deborah and Yu, and Owen kindly showed me his beautiful harp and explained the way the strings moved! An amazing experience that i will treasure. Not something that would happen at the Opera House!!!!
Yes i enjoyed it immensely. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, with all those other like minded souls.
All the best for your 2015 season, and yes please keep me in the loop.
Please convey our Thanks to all those gifted artists.

Gerhard of Blackheath
1 Nov 2014
Loved the recent October concert in Blackheath, especially the piece by Claude Debussy. A beautiful surreal experience ! 

Colin Keith Morrison of Sydney
28 October 2014
The Moruya concert on 12th October was my second and apart from the excellent repertoire I love the intimacy of the smaller space at St Johns in which to engage with the music and musicians. More next year!

Gary Werskey of Blackheath
27 October 2014
Your varied programming continues to delight. Each concert seems a perfect blend of familiar and not so familiar music. In Blackheath on October 19 we loved the Beethoven trio and Debussy Danses. Please come back with more of the same in 2015!

Gary Boyle of Leura
27 October 2014
Just a short note to say that my partner and I (we live in Leura) have been delighted to have discovered the 3 Piece Suite some 4 or so performances ago. We are thrilled to be able to attend and listen to 3 such gifted and accomplished musicians so close to home - within the intimate and relaxed space of the old Presbyterian church – despite the trial of temperature fluctuations for their poor instruments. The acoustics are terrific, but more importantly for me the relaxed presentation with the small local audience is friendly and interactive, and the program is always a wonderful mix of pieces and composers. The encores are always appreciated – especially when it is one of the more familiar pieces or a tango! Further, it is always a treat when they are joined by guest performers like the Golden Harpist, or the Scottish Tenor (some concerts earlier).
I will continue to support them and always inform friends and visitors to attend whenever the next concert is on.Thank you for bringing this wonderful group to the Mountains’ communities.

Elizabeth of Leura
19 October 2014
Thank you for the last wonderful concert in Blackheath on 19th October. We preferred the all-classical programme as we both find a lot of modern music discordant and dislikeable. Special thanks for the harp music. We hope more can be included in future.

Jude Hopwood of Broulee
17 October 2014
My husband and I loved the concert. It was wonderful to have 2 guest instruments and gratifying to have the harpist give a little intro to the instrument including an unscheduled piece to demonstrate its versatility. We floated home to Broulee, blissfully. Thank you to all involved. Looking forward to your plans in 2015 for keeping us entertained.

Jan and Martyn Phillips of Moruya
16 October 2014
The concert in Moruya on 12 October was enchanting. Thank you for coming back to Moruya and for being so willing to entertain us. 'Twas a very pleasant afternoon made all the more enjoyable being able to mingle after with the talented performers. We look forward to seeing TPS in Moruya again in coming months.

Stuart Rees of Jervis Bay
4 July 2014
The Annandale concert was engaging, lyrical,  beautifully interpreted and superbly performed. Also contained humour and a sense of fun. because the balance of the strings with that wonderful tenor provided  a musical smorgasbord which set my adrenalin running.No  wonder the audience wanted more.

Marghanita da Cruz of Annandale
22 June 2014
Thankyou for a lovely afternoon of delightful music and song in Annandale.

Gerhard of Blackheath
19 Jun 2014
The Three Piece Suite spoilt us once again up here in Blackheath.
What a delightful string trio and by gosh, the guest tenor David Hamilton could sing so vibrant and beautiful!
Thank you, thank you!

Colin Morrison of Frenchs Forest/Tuross Head
19 June 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance with the highlights for me being the Schubert songs and the Dohnanyi. October 12 is now in my diary.

Leanne Maynard of Blackheath
Date:10 June 2014
I would just like to say that it was a marvellous performance and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, and we hope to see them again next time they are in Blackheath

Peter Shepherd of Blackheath
15 Mar 2014
This last concert was in my opinion the Trio's best.
It showed their incredible versatility in nailing the wide-ranging techniques required from quite early composers up to the sentimental Edwardian works and beyond.
What a delight these wonderful musicians are!

Gerhard of Blackheath
14 Mar 2014
These 3 ladies with their instruments are on fire !
Simply beautiful music and repertoire. What a treat.
Loved the March 2014 concert in Blackheath and I will be at all the following ones.

Yuri Halay of Katoomba
14 Mar 2014
Just a note of support. Brilliant concerts. A joy to experience on a Sunday afternoon in the mountains. Bravo. Look forward to the next performance.

Robert Warlow of Sydney
10 Dec 2013
TPS is a masterly string ensemble who produce a beautiful, superbly blended sound. They play as one but are all mistresses of their respective instruments. To miss their concerts is a loss indeed.

Klaus from Sydney
7 Oct 2013
Really enjoyed the wonderful music - all good, but especially  the Beethoven, Kodaly and the Kreisler (who I was not familiar with at all).  And an encore as well!

Ian of Katoomba
9 July 2013
I enjoyed the music the three talented ladies played and look forward to their next concert series. Watching them up on stage playing, enjoying themselves playing some fantastic music was a delight to see and hear. Then the chance to speak with Rachel Westwood after the concert was something not experienced at concerts in the city. Thank you.

Yvonne of Katoomba
4 July 2013
Another lovely performance by TPS in Blackheath on Sunday June 30. The music was outstanding, and I particularly liked the Gordon Jacob pieces. Very nice to be introduced to a work I did not know. I'm very much looking forward to the next TPS concert in Blackheath in September.

Sharynne Ramm of Tuross Head
27 June 2013
It was an extremely enjoyable afternoon. hope to have it repeated soon. will certainly be reattending. the music was astounding

Jeanne of Blackheath
13 April 2013
Dear Deb, Rachel and Valmai,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful concert. My favourite was the Beethoven. Transporting. Looking forward to the next one.

Yuri Halay of Katoomba
11 April 2013
Many thanks for your performance at Blackheath. Looking forward for your return in June. Yuri.

Bob Duncan of Annandale
7 April 2013
There I was, on a beautiful autumn afternoon, gazing out over the treetops at Sydney harbour, in a room jam-packed with people but completely quiet except that three drop-dead-gorgeous women w ere playing the most beautiful music. I was in heaven.

Jennifer of Blackheath
7 April 2013
I was the person sitting out front of house during the concert, and in this role I had a lot of interaction with audience members and was the recipient of their comments. A large number of well mannered, quiet and sober citizens walked into the church for the concert. At the end people bubbled out of the church, laughing, interacting with each other and with me, everyone on a high. Somehow, TPS, you caused this transformation. I have no idea how you did it, but I think we should be able to prescribe it. Amongst all the rave comments a bout the concert, there were also several comments on the Program Notes, which people also loved.

Elizabeth of Cambridge Gardens
6 April 2013
A delightful Sunday afternoon at your Blackheath concert. The only disappointment being that Mr Darcy didn't ask to dance the next two with me - as a huge Pride and Prejudice fan how could I not be transported to the Netherfield ball by your wonderful rendering of the English country dances. The whole concert was wonderful but these were the highlight. I await the next concert with pleasure.

Yvonne Paul of Randwick/Katoomba
4 April 2013
Congratulations to TPS for their stellar concert at Blackheath on Sunday March 24. Everyone I spoke to was thrilled by your playing, and by the interesting and varied programme. I am delighted that you will be putting on another concert in June, and hope that TPS becomes a regular performer in the BMs.

Steve Cornelius
20 March 2013
It was a great privilege to be invited to your galactic premiere at Wollstonecraft, and a highly entertaining afternoon. In particular, the pizzicato element of the Goldberg Variations was surprising and delightful, but for me the most enjoyable part was the finale, the English Country Dances. Nothing short of superb, and a joyous reminder of my native land. I hope you will retain them in your repertoire (perhaps including the da capos?) and that your concerts will be frequent. Congratulations.