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Northern Lights


with guest David Hamilton - tenor

Blackheath 11th March 4pm, Presbyterian Church, Wentworth St.
Moruya 18th March 4pm, St John's, Page St.
Sydney 25th March 4pm, Annandale Community Centre (downstairs), 79 Johnson St, Annandale.

A musical smorgasbord with Scottish songs, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian dances and string trios by Melartin, Grieg and Berens.


  • Scandinavian Polka Medley
  • Scandinavian Hambo Medley
  • Grieg - Norwegian Dance and Waltz
  • Melartin- Presto and Minuetto from String Trio
  • Scottish Songs: Ca' the Yowes, Loch Lomond, Wha'll be King but Charlie, Charlie is My Darling
  • Berens - String Trio in Cminor Op 85 no2
  • Scottish Songs: Ye Jacobites by Name, Ye Banks and Braes, Ae Fond Kiss, Rattlin, Roarin Willie

Adult Tickets $25 (except Annandale $30), Child Tickets $5 all venues

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